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Hi there, I'm Jessie:
Artist, daydreamer, animal lover, mum and wife - residing in the Shoalhaven - on the beautiful South Coast of NSW.

I have always lived a pretty creative life – my mum is an artist and taught folk art from home when I was a kid. I was bundled along to craft markets on weekends and paintbrushes and palettes were as common in our kitchen sink as dirty dishes.

After a few years working as a trained makeup artist in my early 20’s, I completed one year of a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree. I quickly decided that having my art scrutinized and analyzed wasn't for me. I much preferred painting pretty things for the love of it, selling at markets and online via social media, working in an art store and gypsying around the country.  Which I did, for most of my 20’s until I had my first baby, bought a house and settled down.

Now at 35, with two kiddos, a half renovated fibro fixer-upper amongst the Gumtrees and a very supportive husband – I’m getting back to my creative roots and painting my little heart out again. I’m constantly inspired by nature, I LOVE colour and I love to create paintings with soul and personality.

I have been painting flowers since I was 8 years old, so they will always feature heavily in my work. More recently I have leaned towards Australian Natives and birds – I am fascinated by the shapes and colours of a bird’s plumage.
My favourite part of painting a bird is the eyes, as this is truly where an artwork becomes more than just a painting on canvas. Those little eyes with soul and life are what create a connection. I like to think of my birds as having personalities, and adding one to your home will add a touch of that personality to the space. Whether it be the cheeky grin of a Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, or the calm gaze of a Laughing Kookaburra – each piece brings a different feel to the room.

I primarily create using acrylic paints and Posca paint pens on stretched canvas. I love to layer thinned out acrylic paint for a dimensional effect - often on the wings of birds, and loose sketchy lines with paint markers to add interest and movement.

I put my everything into each piece I create, I am a perfectionist to a fault and I won’t finish an artwork without being completely happy with it. For this reason, work might not fly off my easel at the rate I’d like it to – but I am always proud of each piece before handing it over to its' loving new home.

With two young kids and #mumlife - I don’t offer commission work often, I work faster and with more direction when painting from the heart.

My favourite original pieces are professionally photographed for prints – and this is what you will find available for sale always on my website. Professional grade, top quality prints that are vibrant and rich in colour to brighten your walls at an affordable price.

Original pieces are released monthly and I try to give plenty of notice via social media of when they will be put onto my website for purchase.

Thank you for being here and loving my work enough to read this far. I am constantly humbled by the support and love from my customers and followers. It's your encouragement that keeps me painting.

Big love, Jess