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About me

Hi there I'm Jess - artist, empath, art school drop out. Tragic bookworm/ audiobook addict, maxi dress wearer regardless of the weather. Animal lover, oat latte drinker and my guilty pleasure is singing at the top of my lungs when I have the house to myself.

Alongside my husband Jules, kids Brielle and Christian and our menagerie of pets we live in the Shoalhaven - on the beautiful South Coast of NSW.

For me, creating is therapy. My paintings are an immersive experience with hours and hours of intricate layers, lines, details – they can take days or weeks to complete. A perfectionist at heart, it's all in the details for me and I won't stop until I feel the piece has all the special intricacies that make an artwork truly shine.

I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and it’s the everyday kind of nature that inspires me most. When we bought our first home it was a little weatherboard cottage surrounded by Gum trees. I had never experienced living close to so much birdlife and suddenly we had a Magpie family who would visit daily, Kookaburras and Cockatoos on our fence and King Parrots hanging out in the tree next to my washing line.

As I was a stay at home mum at the time I had a lot of time to sit and soak up my surroundings. It inspired me to pull out the paintbrushes as I hadn’t painted for many years and I just itched to create nature based artworks for my own home. I started to share my work on social media and the rest is history, I was able to put my son into daycare and start creating as a professional artist.

Four years on I now have three retail spaces on the South Coast, hold an annual solo exhibition and run a thriving art business with some amazing collaborations.

Our homes are our sanctuary, and I pinch myself daily that my art hangs in yours.

Thank you for being here!

Jess x


I hold an exhibition at Fern Street Gallery in Gerringong annually, this year's show will be held in November. I'd love to see you there!. Feel free to join my mailing list to keep up with details of upcoming shows.