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Hi there I'm Jess,

Artist, animal lover, empath, introverted emotional oversharer (how is that a thing?! hehe..) art school drop out.

I love a maxi dress and will wear them in the dead of winter, strong coffee with oat milk before I can 'human', renovating and DIY projects and cranking the spotify tunes for a singalong.

With my little family - Hubby Jules, kids Brielle, Christian and our menagerie of pets we live in a renovator's delight among the Gum trees in the Shoalhaven - on the beautiful South Coast of NSW.

After many years as a stay at home mum, looking after my babies and renovating our little cottage - I finally listened to the internal pull to unpack the paint brushes and began putting paint to canvas once again. What started as a reconnection to my creative roots, painting in my spare time as a means to reduce anxiety and a bit of time out– sharing my art on social media has resulted in an amazing journey of what has become a full time gig!.

For me, creating is therapy. My happy place is in my home studio, sun shining in through the old french doors, acoustic tunes playing, my dogs Jasper and Daisy at my feet - doing what fuels my soul, painting.

I am passionate about my art practice, when I create I do so with my whole heart. My paintings are an immersive experience with hours and hours of intricate layers, lines, details – they can take days or weeks to complete.

Finally at the age of 37 I have realised what I was put on this earth to do. I am forever grateful that others embrace and enjoy what I create because it has allowed me precious extra time at home with my family, and for me to continue to do what makes me really happy.

Art in all its forms – it’s the glue of our society. It’s what brings us joy in times of sadness, helps us to connect with nature when it’s not readily available, brightens our homes with imagery that holds meaning to us. This is what drives me in my art making every single day, and why I am committed to making beautiful – soul driven art accessible to every home and family. 

Our homes are our sanctuary, and I pinch myself daily that my art hangs in yours.

Thank you for being here!

Jess x